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Goodie Bag Items

Need some magic tricks to use as prizes or put in your goodie bags? They can be hard to find. Over the years, I've found some really cool tricks for kids. I've had so many requests that I have started keeping some in stock and making them available to parents.

E-mail me at for current availability.

Magic Wands
Abracadabra! No kid should be without a magic wand. These plastic wands measure 1/2" x 10 1/2".
$10 per dozen
Magic wand



Magic Butterfly Illusion Butterfly Illusion
Two caterpillars are displayed, one red and the other green. Both are identical in shape and size. The magician repeatedly stretches one or the other and the optical illusion is unbelievable! He asks what happens to a caterpillar when it grows up and the reply will be "It turns into a butterfly". When both caterpillar pieces are revised and arranged, there's the beautiful butterfly!
$10 per dozen



Coin and Ring Illusion
Easy to do! A coin vanishes and reappears in the center of a magic ring. Includes the special rings, board "mat", cover and instructions.
$10 per dozen
Coin and Ring magic trick



Coin Slider magic trick Magic Coin Slider
Once you place a coin into the magic slide, it vanishes and reappears at the Magician's will. Also, one coin can magically transform into another and back again! Seems to be impossible, but watch your friends puzzle over this one!
$10 per dozen



Clip Card
Printed on a board are 5 cards - 4 black spot cards and a red Queen in the middle. Board is turned over, and a spectator invited to place a paper clip over the Queen. He is unable to do this.
$10 per dozen
Clip Card magic trick



Two card monte magic trick Two Card Monte
A card selected by the audience is placed behind your back. It mysteriously changes place with a card in plain sight of the audience. Simple to perform but baffling to the audience.
$10 per dozen



Marked Cards
Hidden marks on the back of these cards enable you to do many different magic tricks.
$10 per dozen
Marked cards magic trick



Gift Items

The following make great gifts for anyone interested in magic or juggling.

Svengali Magic Cards
This is perhaps the most amazing trick deck of magic cards ever invented. It is perfect for kids or adults with a serious interest in magic. With this trick, you'll look like a professional magician almost immediately.

Here's just one of the tricks you can do with it:
Show the cards as all different, then ask a spectator to choose one, and return it to the deck. Instantly, the chosen card has jumped to the top of the deck! Cut the pack, and it jumps to the top again. As a finale, show the cards, and they have ALL changed to the chosen card!
$8 each
Svengali deck magic trick



Magic set Magic Kits
I have a few different styles of magic kits available. Each kit contains a total of 15 magic tricks - typically 3 or 4 really cool tricks made out of plastic plus instructions for other magic tricks that use everyday objects around the house.
$6 each


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